July 24, 2023

Discovering the role of a QC associate: Sthefany Alvarez at the Chicago fulfillment center

Discovering the role of a QC associate: Sthefany Alvarez at the Chicago fulfillment center

CIRRO values understanding how the entire logistics system works, beyond just knowing each step or phase. How important is it for you to have such a holistic approach in your role at the warehouse?

In my role, a deep understanding and proficiency in utilizing various methods of fulfillment process are of utmost importance. It helps me identify root causes, process optimization and adapt to changes. This process enhances positive outcomes across production, performance, and worker organization.

How do you think understanding the holistic logistics process helps your decision-making process?

It is crucial for me to be highly conscious of how each phase or step is interconnected to guarantee the smooth functioning of the team. This allows me to plan ahead and find suitable solutions, optimizing our processes.

Let’s say I’m conducting quality control checks on outbound shipments, I make it a priority to consider the standards requested by the receiving warehouse. This holistic and thoughtful approach ensures that the process becomes more manageable for subsequent agents involved in shipping, promoting efficiency not just within our warehouse but also across other points of control and distribution. By maintaining this diligent and collaborative mindset, we can collectively enhance the overall effectiveness of the fulfillment process.

I can contribute to overall supply chain efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, rather than solely focusing on isolated tasks.

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Sthefany Alvarez at work

What do you believe has contributed to your growth within this company?

My time at CIRRO Fulfillment has been transformative for my organizational skills and leadership abilities. I’ve learned how to foster a positive and efficient work environment, resulting in consistently high levels of production and product quality. Under my supervisors’ guidance, I’ve gained valuable insights into managing the company’s system, keeping track of completed packages, and monitoring daily production. I admire their ability to lead a large workforce effectively while ensuring that everything runs smoothly to meet monthly targets and objectives.

As I aspire to be a more effective team leader, I actively engage with colleagues, addressing concerns, configuring systems, and even operating machinery as needed. This hands-on approach ensures that we maintain a smooth workflow and keep productivity at its peak.