November 14, 2022

All-in-one e-commerce solutions for logistics, returns and fulfillment in France

Demand for e-commerce logistics is growing swiftly in France, with the sector expanding by 15% in 2021. This growth in French e-commerce, as well as the strong performance of CIRRO E-Commerce Europe as a whole, led to the foundation of CIRRO E-Commerce France in June 2021.

The journey so far

“In 2021, we quickly expanded into a solid local team with more than 20 employees,” explains Xiaoyang Jiang, General Manager at CIRRO E-Commerce France. “Though facing limited warehousing space and resources, the team managed to ensure stable departure and arrival times throughout the peak season in Q4 by improved truck loading, optimized freight schedule, and additional facilities. These were all essential to securing timeliness of delivery – along with a strong team spirit!”

To accommodate the rapid rise in e-commerce parcel deliveries, CIRRO E-Commerce France opened a new airside bonded warehouse as well as moving to a larger logistics hub in September 2022. The combined facilities support a comprehensive range of services, including global forwarding, customs clearance, ground handling, cross-docking, pan-European line hauls and distribution for last-mile delivery. We also have firm resources to support B2C and B2B packages with import and export services.

All-in-one e-commerce solutions for logistics, returns and fulfillment in France

Extensive services to satisfy clients’ needs

CIRRO E-Commerce France provides customs clearance solutions complying with EU customs rules. Our clients can rely on our broad range of customs resources to ensure smooth cross-border shipments without delay and paperwork burdens. We have developed a strategic partnership with local customs brokers, which can help clients speed up the clearance process with convenient access to airside loading docks and a 5,000-square-metre bonded warehouse.

In addition, the newly opened logistics hub, located within two kilometers of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG), supports efficient cargo transshipment between France and Southern Europe. For example, shipping from France to Spain, Italy, or Portugal takes only 2-3 working days, including warehouse handling. The parcels will then be distributed daily to 20 last-mile service providers across France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. With constant and plentiful flows of goods, we have established an unparalleled delivery experience in terms of costs, speed, and flexibility.

Lastly, CIRRO E-Commerce France offers returns solutions for both domestic and cross-border shipments. Our global reach allows customers to return parcels to the nearest post offices and enables us to handle parcels in our local warehouses. We provide various value-added services, including parcel collection, quality inspection, repackaging, relabeling and reshelving. We help avoid disappointing customer experiences and keep costs low for e-sellers.

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CIRRO Fulfillment France – our brother company in warehousing and distribution services

To support our clients’ further demands on inventory storage and order fulfillment, we team up with our brother company CIRRO Fulfillment France to provide an integrated warehousing and distribution solution to help B2B and B2C brands scale. Our clients can benefit from optimized fulfillment costs and delivery efficiency, especially for small e-commerce parcels weighing less than 10kg, such as typical apparel and footwear parcels.

CIRRO Fulfillment France has three fulfillment centers with a total space of 64,000m2, also located close to CDG airport. These sites process 15,000-20,000 B2C parcels daily, in addition to 80,000 apparel and footwear returns. We serve B2B and B2C clients with reliable fulfillment solutions including pick, pack, stock control, inventory management, returns handling, and FBM preparation for both Amazon and Cdiscount. On receiving an order, it is processed accurately and efficiently; if received before 2 pm, the order will be dispatched the very same day, shipping to France and other regions in Europe within 24-48 hours.

CIRRO Fulfillment Center in France

Where next for CIRRO E-Commerce France

Since its foundation in 2021, CIRRO E-Commerce France has been offering a wide range of integrated logistics services and sound returns management solutions to satisfy the full spectrum of e-commerce delivery demands. And our journey is just beginning!

CIRRO recently acquired its first B777F freighter. In the coming months, the plane will operate stable charter cargo flights between Shenzhen, China, and Paris, France, allowing CIRRO E-Commerce France to boost its long-haul freight capacity and optimize overall lead times for its clients.

Zongteng Group Boeing Freighter

“Our goal is to strengthen our cross-border transshipment capabilities through extensive infrastructure, resources and scale from CIRRO E-Commerce as a whole, offering cost-competitive, efficient and reliable end-to-end solutions for B2C e-commerce customers” Xiaoyang Jiang.

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