September 25, 2023

Scaling new heights: CIRRO Fulfillment’s 7,500,000 sqft network in North America

CIRROFulfillment’s network in North America has been on a remarkable growth journey. With the recent launch of two fulfillment centers in California and Mexico, our total warehousing space now hits 7,500,000 sqft.
Our network covers North America from New Jersey to Los Angeles, from the southern borders of Mexico to the northern reaches of Canada, with 7,500,000 sqft of warehousing and distribution capacity. This extensive network serves as a cornerstone for e-commerce businesses, offering seamless logistics and efficient distribution services in North America.

Newly launched fulfillment centers at a glance


New fulfillment centers in the U.S. West

The new fulfillment center, U.S. West No. 18, is in Rialto, California, close to LAX Airport, the fourth-largest airport in the country. The Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles are just 100 kilometers away, and they connect directly to our center through highways.
Initially covering an area of 301,000 sqft, it has recently grown by a new fulfillment center of an extra 678,000 sqft. This expansion helps our clients during peak seasons in the U.S. West reduces the costs of first-leg and last-mile deliveries, and boosts the efficiency of inbound and outbound shipping.

New fulfillment centers in Mexico

Another new fulfillment center is in Atizapán, Estado de México, just 15 minutes from Amazon and MercadoLibre warehouses.
This location is ideal, with easy access to major roads connecting Mexico City to ports like Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas. It’s also close to highways leading to important cities like Querétaro, Guadalajara and Silao. Additionally, this fulfillment center has convenient access to key transportation hubs: AIFA Airport (45 minutes away), Pantaco Rail Station (45 minutes away), and AICM Airport (45 minutes away).

Upcoming fulfillment centers in the pipeline

We’re building a new 269,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Savannah, a strategic location with 18 Asian routes and direct access to the East Coast via the Panama Canal. This facility complements our existing centers in Atlanta and Chicago, enhancing our service reach in the U.S. South and reinforcing our nationwide network. CIRRO Fulfillment is actively expanding with centers planned for the East, West, South, and Central regions, solidifying our comprehensive fulfillment network across North America.

What makes CIRRO fulfillment network North America unique

CIRRO Fulfillment’s 15-Year journey: scaling from 320,000 to 7,500,000

Over 15 years, CIRRO Fulfillment has grown from 320,000 to 7,500,000 square feet of fulfillment centers. Some centers upgraded to use AMR technology for smart operations. Our strong focus on meeting evolving customer needs has led us to launch specialized fulfillment centers for batteries, high-value goods, and apparel. We’ve also developed tailored logistics solutions for diverse industries, including fast-moving consumer goods, furniture, home appliances, electronics (3C), and clothing.
Our extensive experience covers everything from center design and equipment procurement to staffing, last-mile partnerships, and government relations. This maturity allows us to replicate and establish well-functioning facilities and workflows shortly after the new opening.

Seamless network: ensuring warehousing and distribution

Our seamless network, combining fulfillment centers and an extensive truck fleet, ensures reliable warehousing and distribution services. We have six strategically located fulfillment center groups covering North America, including the U.S. East, West, South, Central, Canada, and Mexico. This network effectively supports the growth of e-commerce markets, meeting dynamic omnichannel demands.
In addition, our North American truck fleet consists of skilled drivers and two truck types: 26-foot vehicles with 12 pallets and 52-foot trucks with 26 pallets for delivery. With this capable fleet, we offer full truckload pickups and deliveries in 1-3 days and less-than-truckload shipments in 2-7 days.

Densely populated regions: serving where people reside

Our fulfillment centers are located near densely populated cities and vital economic regions like California, Florida, New York, Chicago, Ontario, and Mexico City. This positioning ensures efficient service to bustling consumer markets, enabling swift storage and delivery.
At CIRRO Fulfillment, our extensive network spans key regions and major cities throughout the U.S., ensuring streamlined logistics and distribution services for e-commerce businesses across various industries. With our 15-year journey of growth, we are your trusted and reliable partner for fulfillment success in today’s dynamic marketplace.