December 1, 2023

What happens in One Minute?
A glimpse into CIRRO’s holiday season

The holiday season is the peak time when consumers process online orders in droves, often at the last minute. This article will delve into what happens at CIRRO in just one minute during this bustling time of year. 

1. Automatic sorting system in One Minute:

One of CIRRO’s warehouses processes nearly 1,000 parcels through its advanced automatic sorting system.

This technology streamlines the sorting process, ensuring timely deliveries to customers.

Automatic sorting system

2. E-Commerce cargo center in One Minute:

CIRRO’s E-Commerce Cargo Center handles 160 kilograms of goods.

This efficient handling enables swift transportation of goods, both locally and internationally.

E-Commerce cargo center

3. Boeing B777F freighter in One Minute:

The Boeing B777F Freighter covers 15,500 meters while carrying 95 tons of cargo.

This demonstrates their commitment to meeting the demands of global customers.

Boeing B777F Freighter

4. Order tracking system in One Minute:

The order tracking system receives new tracking information for 156,000 packages.

This real-time update ensures customers can easily monitor the progress of their orders.

Order Tracking System

5. Fulfillment center in One Minute:

Approximately 1,800 orders flow into one of CIRRO’s fulfillment centers.

This efficient system ensures that orders are processed promptly, providing a seamless shopping experience.

Fulfillment Center

6. Autonomous mobile robots in One Minute:

CIRRO’s AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) completed shelving 2,185 items.

This enhanced operational efficiency automates tasks within the warehouse.

7. Order picking in One Minute

An order picker takes out eight products from three storage area locations.

This complexity of order fulfillment is dealt with perfectly by the well-trained staff.

8. Loading and delivery in One Minute:

A loader escorts the loading and delivery of three pallets of goods.

This ensures that products are dispatched promptly, meeting customer expectations.

Loading and Delivery

9. Customized warehousing in One Minute:

CIRRO has designed a customized warehouse spanning 20,000 square meters for a retail client.

This tailored solution enables the outbound shipment of 95 products during the peak season of Cyber Monday.

Customized Warehousing

10. Cloud computing power in One Minute:

CIRRO’s cloud-based platform will process 100M bits of data.

This robust infrastructure supports a smoother logistics experience, ensuring efficient operations.

Cloud Computing Power

CIRRO utilizes every second of that one minute to enhance service efficiency during the peak Holiday Season. From its advanced sorting systems and efficient cargo handling to its commitment to customized warehousing and cloud computing power, CIRRO has your business covered to provide a seamless shopping experience.