June 22, 2023

Discovering the role of a warehouse picker: Rafael Gomez’s journey at the Chicago fulfillment center

Discovering the role of a Warehouse Picker: Rafael Gomez Quote

“Progressing” is one of the core values that CIRRO prioritizes. As a picker in the warehouse, how do you perceive the importance of progressing in your role?

I strongly believe in the importance of progressing and continuously finding better ways to work, as it directly contributes to increased efficiency.  That’s how I can maintain a high level of productivity and perform picking workflow in an optimal way.

Can you tell us about your experience with improving warehousing operation?

Simplifying the process of carrying heavy items is a priority for me to ensure efficiency. To achieve this, I strategically position the cherry picker before lifting the items. This proactive approach helps me streamline the task and saves me from unnecessary physical strain.

That’s not all, I enhance my picking speed by memorizing the specific positions of each SKU. This allows me to locate and retrieve items quickly, without wasting any time searching. With my knowledge of the warehouse layout, I can speed up the picking process and stay productive.

In addition to my responsibilities in picking items, I also handle returning items. To ensure efficiency in this area, I meticulously organize every item. I take the initiative to separate green items from orange items a day prior to the receiving step. This proactive sorting pays off, as I can easily identify and process items based on their categories.

By positioning the cherry picker effectively, memorizing SKU positions, and pre-organizing items, I can streamline the overall workflow. This simplifies the process of carrying heavy items and enhances efficiency in picking and receiving tasks.

Warehouse Picker: Rafael Gomez’s story at the Chicago Fulfillment center

Rafael Gomez at work

What do you believe has contributed to your growth at CIRRO ?

When I first joined CIRRO Fulfillment, I had limited experience in operating machinery like the cherry picker or swing truck. However, I am grateful to my colleague who generously shared their expertise and taught me how to operate the equipment. Their guidance and support have been invaluable in my learning journey.

The organization and leadership within the warehouse have played a significant role in my professional growth. The layout of the facility and warehousing processes has provided me with a structured and efficient environment to work in. Through observing their management approach, I have gained a deeper understanding of the warehouse system and its intricacies.

I truly believe that having good leaders who invest in the growth and development of their team members is crucial in fostering a positive and dynamic work environment. Their commitment to nurturing talent has fueled my enthusiasm to excel in the warehouse field and continuously expand my knowledge and skills.