February 13, 2023

The difference between warehousing & warehouse logistics

Warehousing & warehouse logistics: what’s the difference?

As a business owner, you must decide upon the right course of action for managing your inventory. Whether you only require storage space or decide that warehouse logistics is the key to organization, efficiency, and growth, it’s vital to ensure your business continues running smoothly.

However, the difference between warehousing and warehouse logistics isn’t always evident. With several links with one another, this can make the decision a lot more challenging. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to depict the two. So, you make the right choice for your business.

What is warehousing?

As it states in the name, warehousing requires a commercial building to store goods or raw materials that are in use for production or are for sale. They are often located centrally for users. This allows ease of receiving, distributing and storing goods or finished products. For many businesses, warehousing covers the basic areas such as unloading, storage, picking and returns.

What is warehouse logistics?

On the other hand, Warehouse logistics is a lot more advanced and inclusive. Logistics ensures that this flow stays consistent and controlled, taking care of both the outbound and inbound flow of goods. What areas does logistics cover? While it is in a warehouse, logistics handles transportation, internal movement, management of inventory, and frequency of stock turnover. As well as, all other value-added services on top of the duties of warehousing.

What is the difference?

A logistics warehouse, in comparison to standard establishments, has a much more significant impact on the buying journey. In fact, a considerable part of logistics involves the end-to-end requirements of the consumer, for example, the tracking and final delivery of goods. Therefore, warehouse distribution logistics can assist your operations immensely in comparison to the simple act of warehousing.

While logistics wouldn’t be viable without warehousing, clients are given a much more complex and supported service. Therefore, the stock is in storage safely, as well as delivered and managed efficiently and proficiently. Furthermore, if you choose the warehouse and logistics services from CIRRO Fulfillment, you can take advantage of all areas on a global scale.

About CIRRO Fulfillment

Are you looking for a logistics warehouse? CIRRO Fulfillment is a global fulfillment company focusing on omnichannel fulfillment services for various product categories: fashion, furniture, electronics, and more. Our global fulfillment centers reach an area of 1,200,000 m² across more than 30 countries, including two intelligent fulfillment centers in the UK and the US that use AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots). Trusted by numerous clients, CIRRO Fulfillment ships 400,000 orders daily, providing unrivaled cross-border e-commerce fulfillment solutions to accommodate the future expansion of your global e-commerce business.

You can stay on top of your responsibilities while growing your business and managing all other aspects. If you’d like further information on how our warehouse logistics can benefit your eCommerce or retail outlet, contact us today! We can discuss your business’s needs in further detail.